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Meet Our EVS Team at Salem Woods

September 16, 2022
In recognition of Environmental Services Week, Salem Woods would like to give a huge thank you to our Environmental Services Team (EVS). From maintenance to housekeeping and laundry, each of our employees continues to go above and beyond to ensure a safe and clean facility for our residents to call home.

Meet Our EVS Team


Heather Stephens
Heather is our EVS Director and an STNA. She has been here for seven and a half years and is a jack of all trades. She works closely with Admissions and is known to be all over the building helping where she is needed. Heather is always seen with a smile on her face and has such a contagious laugh.

Perriette Daughtry
Perriette is the housekeeping float for all of Salem Woods. She has been with us for nine years. She loves watching cooking shows and gives the best cooking advice.

Shawnda Pennington
Shawnda has been at Salem Woods for five years. She is the housekeeper for our all-male Behavioral Unit, is cross-trained in laundry and also works in our Oak and Pine Hall. She loves spending her off time with friends and family and listening to music.

Angel Hutchingson
Angel has been at Salem Woods for two years as a housekeeper on Ash, Elm, Oak and Pine Hall. She is also cross-trained in laundry. She can be found all over the building, talking to anyone and everyone. She loves astrology, nature and arts & crafts.

Ty McKee
Ty is one of our most recent housekeepers. He has been with us for two months and works on our Memory Care Hall. Our residents adore him when he's on their floor. He can always be found singing and dancing to the beat of his own drum. Outside of work, he loves to play basketball.

Ciaira Baker
Ciaira is also one of our recent housekeepers. She found us through her dad, C.J. Baker, who is our Maintenance Technician. She is a housekeeper float for Ash, Elm, Oak and Pine. She is also cross-trained in laundry. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family and going on vacations.


Ed Stephens
Ed is our Maintenance Director who can always be found with a tool in his hand and a smile on his face. He has proudly been with Salem Woods for just under ten years. If there is a problem to fix, we don’t call Bob the Builder, we call Ed.

C.J. Baker
C.J. has been our Maintenance Technician and Ed’s right-hand man for two and a half years. He is also cross-trained in the laundry room.

David O’Conner
David has been with Salem Woods for one year. He is our Floor Technician and is also cross-trained in housekeeping. He keeps our floors so shiny and spotless that staff members think they need to tiptoe so they don’t dirty it up. He can be found giving a history lesson on Vikings, Irish descendants and Anime.


Mark Banchy
Mark has been with Salem Woods doing laundry for over half of his life. After 38 years, Mark has come across some great staff members and residents and said he couldn’t think of a better place to work.

Roger Young
Roger has also been working in laundry at Salem Woods for 37 years. He said it makes him feel very rewarded at the end of the day, knowing that he’s helping people.

Monique Rodgers
We're happy to welcome our newest laundry room tech, Monique, who has been with the company for just over a month. She comes from an entrepreneurial and aesthetic background. She found Salem Woods when she decided she needed a change in her life and is happy to be here!

Thank you, again, to the entire EVS Team for keeping Salem Woods in tip-top shape! You guys rock!!

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