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National Long-Term Care Administrator’s Week

March 17, 2023
This week is National Long-Term Care Administrator’s Week, where we honor and celebrate the important role our Administrator has in providing leadership for delivering quality, resident-centered care and a supportive work environment. At Salem Woods, we are so fortunate to have Brian Coffey, LNHA, as our wonderful Administrator!

Although Brian is new to Residence at Salem Woods, he is not new to our company, Foundations Health Solutions. He has been with the company as an Administrator for over 20 years. We welcomed Brian to Salem Woods with open arms as he introduced new fresh ideas. He brought life and excitement into Salem Woods, and we thank him for that!

Brian has proved himself to be such an incredible Administrator by always going above and beyond for our residents and staff. He is often found walking the halls talking to employees and residents, giving them his undivided attention. Brian is also known to put together games for the staff, creating a fun and supportive work environment. He has organized basketball torments with staff and even hosted games that involved smashing cupcakes in his face. We are truly blessed to have him be our Administrator!

Our staff members at Salem Woods feel the same way and had kind words they wanted to share about Brian.

"Brian leads the team like a family unit, giving the ability to grow and succeed as an individual and as a whole. Either you run the day or the day runs you." - Heather Stephens (Regional Environmental and Housekeeping Director)

"I’m grateful to have a boss like him. He makes me feel like my ideas are heard by residents and staff. Most of the time if I have an idea, he says yes!" - Tanna Wheeler (Admission/Marketing Director)

"He is passionate about the lives of our seniors and the care they received daily." - Kim and Teresa (Activities)

"He is making Salem Woods a better place. As a new employee, I feel very welcomed by him and the staff. He will stop and talk to me every time he passes and won't just rush by you." - Sara Arthon (New employee)

We are thankful to have Brian here that listens to employees' and residents' concerns and works hard to continuously provide such a great environment for everyone. This week and every week, we appreciate you for all you do!

We pride ourselves on being the leading provider in Ohio in the ever-evolving healthcare industry. Salem Woods is proud to be locally owned and operated. For more information about our premier nursing facility, visit our 'About' section below.

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