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STNAs Are Our Backbone

June 29, 2023
Every great foundation starts with strong bricks and materials bonded together to create something beautiful. STNAs are known to be some of the strongest people when it comes to healthcare workers. They work hand-in-hand around the clock with residents to provide daily assistance and meet all their living needs in just 12 short hours, such as assisting with meals, assisting bedridden patients with transport needs, bathing and grooming and promoting a resident’s independence.

STNAs pick up on nonverbal cues to provide individualized support and care; something that a non-healthcare worker wouldn’t pick up on so fast. STNAs have a tremendously emotional and physical job. During the height of the pandemic, most of what residents saw was just staff. These workers became more than just STNAs, they became their friends, family, brothers, sisters and children. They became even more of a superhero than ever before. STNAs come to work with the world on their backs for these residents and put their best foot forward.

There are times when STNAs are missing their family time to be with residents' families, and that’s what makes them stronger. STNAs are the first hand they hold and see when they come into a facility and need to be acclimated. They help residents get into a schedule to help them adjust to their new living arrangements. They empathize and sympathize. They hold hands, give hugs and wipe tears, and our STNAs here at Residence at Salem Woods do just that. They are truly angels in disguise and are often overlooked. Thank you to all of our incredible STNAs, from the bottom of our hearts. Happy STNA Week!

If you are interested in making a difference in our community, click the 'Careers' button below to learn more about our STNA openings!


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